Monday, June 14, 2021

Books That Dad Will Love

I received these books from PR By The Book for review.  If you're stumped for gift ideas for Dad this Father's Day, consider getting him a good book to read.  I was thrilled to be offered these three books to read, and they were all so good!  So if your Dad likes to read, these would make awesome gifts.

Catch 42 - A Novel About Our Future by Felix Holzapfel ($15.99 Paperback): 
This tech thriller offers a mind blowing tour of potential uses for AI, biotech, quantum computing and robotics; all within a suspense filled story that's packed with unexpected twists.

Dan is an ordinary guy, scrambling to make a living, who has the most extraordinary dream in which a mysterious voice from the future asks for his help.  He finds himself transported to a technological wonderland where everyone’s dreams can come true.  Could this be nirvana, a peaceful and clear state of mind?  Or is this life destroying the one thing that makes us human?  Whose vision of the future should Dan believe?  That of the New World Order of WeYou?  Or the revolution of an underground movement called Teccupy?

Before Dan can make his choice, he must learn how we got from here to there.  We are with Dan at every moment as he is forced to choose sides and think the unthinkable, make the impossible possible and turn a hopeless situation into a solvable problem in his search for the ultimate catch 42.

Brimming with current scientific findings, Catch 42 is a novel like no other, that raises fundamental and philosophical questions whose answers depend on us all.

Forgive Us - A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller by E.T. Gunnarsson ($9.99 Paperback, $19.99 Hardcover): 

Three timelines.  One dark future...

The Earth ended slowly, asphyxiated by man's drive for energy and silenced by fire and brimstone.  Civilization is left in ruins.  The inheritors are left to struggle to survive and reconquer a broken planet.

In 2099, mankind emerges from the darkness.  A lone rider named Oliver journeys east, seeking civilization beyond the Rocky Mountains.  Braving the toxic earth and poison air, Oliver must battle a horde of deadly mutants as he unites a band of refugees into the first nation of this new world...

In 2153, fledgling nations clash over land and resources.  London, a veteran of the wasteland, struggles to protect his adopted daughter Rose as the world decays around them.  But little does he know, both he and his adopted daughter will soon find themselves drawn into a coming war...

In 2184, Simon, a descendent of those who fled the earth, lives on the great Arcadis Station.  A gifted technician, he works vigilantly against those who rule his society with an iron fist.  In the shadows, he will be the difference between enslavement or liberty...

Fans of The Gunslinger and Mad Max will love Forgive Us. This epic novel takes readers on a post-apocalyptic thrill ride, spanning three generations of a ravaged earth…

Primordial by David L. Sobel, MD, JD ($13.99 Paperback): 
This Crichton like thriller centers on the plights of two scientists who are separated by decades and borders, but they're united in their obsessive quests for the physical location of the soul.  Jonas, a hospital attorney, begins to suspect that someone is targeting patients in his hospital.  With the help of two residents, his search for answers will bring him face to face with a killer.

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