Sunday, May 23, 2021

This Beautiful Outdoor Rug is Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles

I received this product from Funky Strokes for review.  This beautiful outdoor rug is the perfect addition to your summer camping gear, makes your patio look gorgeous and is a must have to carry in your car for those impromptu picnics and days at the beach.  It's completely waterproof and easy to clean if food gets spilled on it, so no worries!

This summer must have rug is made from recycled plastic bottles, making it extremely eco-friendly.  It
has a special sun protection layer that ensures that the colors are long lasting and will not fade in sun or rain.  It's made of breathable, soft material that won't damage grass or scratch your deck.


The elegant design is reversible, so it's like having two rugs in one!  Use it on one side for a while, and then change things up simply by flipping it over.  It's available in popular size choices of 4'x6' and can be used for the porch, on the deck, for the camper van or even on the beach.


No need to worry about spills and mishaps, it's super easy to clean.  Just hose it off with water or wipe it with a damp cloth.  The material is stain resistant and can withstand all outdoor elements or spills.  It's light weight and easy to store or carry with you.


This outdoor rug is definitely a must have for your summer adventures because you can use it anywhere, regardless of the terrain or the weather.  And it's perfect as a stylish addition to your outdoor summer home entertaining as well!

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