Sunday, May 23, 2021

Keep Tape Easily Accessible in Your Kitchen

I received this product from Kitchen Stickin' for review.  Have you ever needed a piece of tape to mark a container of food before you put it in the freezer, but were unable to find any?  Or maybe you found a roll, but weren't able to tear off a piece because your hands were full.  Well this handy little device is just what you need!

The Kitchen Stickin' Tape Dispenser turns ordinary painter's tape
into one of the most useful tools in your kitchen.  With it, you'll always have
tape and a marking pen handy, without having it in the way.  You'll find tons of uses for it, like labeling containers, sealing bags and more!

You can mount it almost anywhere, without damaging the surface.  It comes with mounting strips that makes it easy to hang.  You even get a roll of tape and a marker, so it's ready to use immediately.

You'll have fun putting labels on everything.  Now you can label your food canisters so you don't have to guess what's in them, and tapes your kids' school lunch bags closed and write their name on it!  It's great for hanging things pictures, post cards, fast food menus and kids' drawings on your refrigerator as well!

Priced at only $19.99, it's very affordable.  And a portion of every sale benefits Feeding America to help reduce food waste, feed those in need and fight climate change.  It makes a great Father's Day gift and every kitchen should have one.  After you use this, you'll wonder how you ever survived without one!

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