Saturday, May 1, 2021

The Perfect Bra For All Occasions

I received these products from The Bra Lab for review.  They offer the first fully customizable bra collection, which allow you to create the perfect bra for any outfit and occasion.  This is a woman owned business, so they really understand the struggle of finding a bra to go with some outfits.  These bras are divided into sections that can be attached together to form a bra.  They're super comfortable and amazingly stylish and supportive.

Now you can wear those cute summer tops without worrying about your bra straps showing!  This patented, game changing system allows you to interchange cups, backs and straps to adapt it to go with any outfit.  They offer a collection of side clasping cup styles, back straps and multiway shoulder straps in several different colors.  These bras will deliver a clean look to work with any outfit, and they have a larger size range to offer better support.  You can buy them in individual pieces, or mix and match.

I received the Rosanna Wireless Cup + Shoulder Straps in the color Amber.  This bra will give you the support of an underwire cup without the wire.  Amber is a beautiful neutral color and this bra incorporates built in stabilizers and molded technology.  It has clasps on both sides and a molded cup with light foam padding.  The outer body fabric is super soft and feels luxurious.  Sizes 0-3 have a push up pad at the bottom/side of the cup for a gentle lift.  You can interchange the back bands and shoulder straps with this cup frame to make it versatile enough to wear with any outfit.  This will be your comfortable go to bra for everyday wear.  It's priced at $48 and
comes with a pair of matching 1" shoulder straps, but a back band must be purchased separately to wear this bra.  You can also purchase a 2 in 1 racerback strap separately, if you wish.  It will work great with this cup, but it cannot be worn as a strapless bra (although they do offer a set of clear straps that you can purchase separately).

You must purchase a back band separately in order to wear this bra.  There are many styles and colors to choose from, but I wanted to have a matching color, so I received the Amber Back Band.  This Nylon/Spandex amber toned backstrap is priced at $16 and it has a very subtle shimmer that really makes you feel pretty wearing it.  It's perfect for both daytime and evening wear.  You can wear it as a strapless band (but not with the Rosanna cup) or pair it with our Amber shoulder straps to complete the look.  It has multiple shoulder strap loops so you can customize the strap position, and the dual side closures allow you to fine tune your fit.

These bras will give you a feeling of freedom that you can get from not other bra.  No more compromising on your style by not wearing a cute top that you love because you don't have a bra that works with it.  This bra will work with anything!  It not only delivers the style, it delivers the comfort as well!

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