Thursday, April 29, 2021

Securely Store All of Your Jewelry in One Place When Traveling

I received this product from Roam Often for review.  If you do much traveling, you know how frustrating it can be when you go to put on your jewelry while on a trip.  Your necklaces get all tangled up, your earrings get scattered and lost in your suitcase and your rings get lost among your clothes.  Even if you wrap them up, or put them in a small bag, it's often a futile gesture because they often come unwrapped or the bag rips or comes open. But read on to learn a great way to avoid all of that!

Roam Often
took the classic travel jewelry case and upgraded it to create The Wanderer - Jewelry Travel Case.  This compact and cute case will fit in your purse, suitcase, hiking backpack or the hotel safe.  


And it’s not just for travel!  The Wanderer is versatile enough to roam with you throughout the day.  Take it anywhere from school to the beach, or from the office to the gym.  No matter where you take it, you'll look stylish!

It has an earring bar that's designed to protect the posts, a ring loop, a necklace pouch with hooks to prevent tangles, a bracelet pocket and simple snap bands for everything else.  The snaps are magnetic to make it easy to store and remove your jewelry.  Everything is held securely and safe from tangles and damage.


The Wanderer is priced at $42.99 and there are three different colors to choose from:  Gray, Black and Navy Blue.  I received a black one and a Navy one and they are gorgeous!  The exterior is soft Luxe Vegan Leather and it zips closed to hold everything inside.  The interior has a beautiful fun pattern that will make you smile.  The pattern on the gray one is hexagons, the navy blue one has stripes and the black one has the double triangle pattern from the Roam Often logo.  You'll love these travel cases so much that you'll want to carry it everywhere!  And it's beautiful enough that you can!

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