Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Protect Yourself From Germs and Bacteria

I received these products from KleenWraps for review.  Every time you go out, you put yourself at risk of coming into contact with thousands of germs and bacteria.  They live on every surface.  But using KleenWraps can help protect you.  They come in a variety of sizes and styles and you can use them to avoid touching common public surfaces that are covered with germs.

I received the Commuter Set.  For $31.99 you get 2 wide wraps, 2 narrow wraps and a mesh bag to carry them in.  They are light weight and easy to carry, but most importantly they will allow you to ride a bike, catch the subway, hop on the bus and pump your gas safely.

These Narrow and Wide Wraps are easy to apply and will leave no residue on the surface. Our product’s antimicrobial properties are resistant to wear and continue to fight germs after multiple washes.  They have grippy silicone traction dots that keeps your hands from slipping, allowing you to go about your commute without touching the germ covered surfaces.  They have wide velcro straps that enable infinite adjustments to fit on any handlebars.

They have antimicrobial properties that reduces odors, inhibits germ growth and provides germ protection.  When you return home, simply throw them in the washing machine so they will be clean and ready to use on your next outing.  They're made with sustainable, reusable and waste free materials.  Just wash in cold water and let air dry.

Give yourself peace of mind knowing you are protecting yourself from the dangerous germs that could make you sick.  Rely on KleenWraps to keep you safe!

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