Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Keep Your Mouth Healthy With Periogen

I received this product from Periogen for review.  Periogen naturally improves your oral health.  It's the only oral rinse that actually targets dental tartar buildup, which is the real cause of gingivitis and red, sore, or bleeding gums.  You can purchase Periogen from their website, as well as on Amazon.

I received the Periogen Starter Kit.  For $32.95, you get everything you need to take your dental health routine to the next level.  The Starter Kit includes
a 4 oz. tube of Periogen Tartar Control Formula Toothpaste, a 3 oz. bottle of original flavor Periogen powdered rinse concentrate, twelve .1 oz. Periogen mint travel packets, a Periogen soft toothbrush and a
swishing cup.


Periogen toothpaste is bio activated to supercharge your toothbrush.  First, it neutralizies mouth acids to create a normal and healthy pH environment.  Next, it softens plaque deposits and prevents elements in your saliva from binding with dental plaque to form tartar on your teeth.  As a result, you'll have a more effective and pleasant brushing experience, and your mouth will feel fresh and squeaky clean.  This SLS free gel toothpaste has no fluoride, titanium dioxide or foaming agents.  It will whiten your teeth while freshening your breath.  Only a small amount is required, so a tube will last a long time.

After brushing your teeth, the next step is to rinse your mouth with Periogen Complete Oral Health Rinse.  This is a powdered concentrate, so you will need to mix ½ scoop of powder with ½ cup of water.  Then you can swish it in your mouth and spit, dip your toothbrush in it and brush, or water floss with it.  This rinse has no bleaching agents, alcohol, titanium dioxide, Triclosan or added color.

These Periogen Mint Packets are perfect for when you are traveling or for when you just want to be able to freshen your breath when you're on the go.  It tastes great and your mouth will feel fresh and clean.

Regular use of Periogen will keep your mouth healthy, fresh and clean!


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