Monday, February 8, 2021

Sweets For Your Sweet

I received this product from Chocolate Delights for review.  With Valentine's Day almost upon us, you're probably searching for gift ideas.  Well, what's better than sweets for your sweet?  Chocolate Delights offers a wide selection of delicious chocolates.  Their truffles are to die for!  And they make them both with and without alcohol!

These balls of deliciousness are Milk Chocolate Rum Truffles.  They Have a
sumptuous taste with a rich creamy and intensely chocolate texture.  Each truffle mixture is laced in dark Jamaican rum before they are rolled in tasty chocolate vermicelli.  These delicious milk chocolate rum truffles are fantastic for any occasion.  So buy them as a gift or just for yourself, they are sure to delight!


These milk chocolate rum truffles come in beautiful gift bags with between 8-12 truffles in each.  They're best stored in the fridge and kept for 3-4 weeks.  It's recommended to store them in the freezer if you're giving them as a gift.


When you order, feel free to mix and match and add some of their other delicious chocolate truffles to your bag.  Whether you're shopping for yourself, of for someone else (like your Valentine!), you're going to love these truffles.  They are so decadent that they melt in your mouth!

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