Saturday, November 14, 2020

You'll Love These Long Lasting, Moisturizing Lip Gloss

I received these products from Satrell Beauty for review.  Satrell's collection of beauty products are cruelty free, vegan friendly, free from harsh chemicals and compliments all skin tones. 

Satrell offers several shades of long lasting nail polish and moisturizing lip gloss.  Being a Mom of two girls, lip gloss is something that disappears as fast as I get it.  My daughter's just have to have lip color is EVERY shade available.  They love the Nobel Purple lip gloss, and I'm ok with that because it doesn't look so purple when you apply it to your lips.  It simply gives your lips a glossy shine with a slightly purple tint.


Often we find the perfect color, but it leaves their lips dry or fades away quickly.  But that's not the case with this lip gloss from Satrell.  It moisturizes your lips and it lasts for hours.  The Coral Intentions Lip Shine provides a luxiurious and radiant shine with subtle coloring.

Sweetness Lip Gloss gives your lips a shiny pinkish tint.  It's a favorite of my oldest daughter who is about to turn 13.  She likes subtle makeup, the kind that doesn't make you look painted up.  But she want a good shine on her lips.  Sweetness delivers it for her.

Sparkle Lip Gloss is probably my 11 year old's favorite.  I don't let her wear a lot of makeup yet, but she love to have sparkly, glittery lips.  That's why she loves Sparkle.

Satrell's lip colors are all paraben free and mineral based gloss.  They deliver long lasting benefits to your lips by providing ultra shine, pop of color, and vitamin E for moisturizing.  Each one is priced at $16.  These glosses would make great stocking stuffers this Christmas.  Let's face it, ALL girls love lip gloss!

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