Sunday, November 15, 2020

Enjoy Delicious Maple Syrup Anywhere

I received this product from Branon Family Maple Orchards for review.  A favorite breakfast in my family is pancakes and syrup.  The kids love it and we serve it often when we're home.  We also like to add maple syrup to our tea and oatmeal...and we add it to a lot of the recipes we make, like candies and honey glazed ham.  YUM!  When we're traveling or camping, syrup is something we don't often take along because it's messy and it's just easier to go without our syrup fix.  But now that's all changed.

Maple to Go! is
3.4 ounces of pure USDA certified organic Grade A amber/rich Vermont Maple Syrup.  It comes in a TSA compliant, food grade pouch with a reclosable, no mess twist cap that allows for multiple uses.  Priced at $5.99, it's very affordable and the flavor is absolutely delicious!  Its small size makes it the perfect addition to active, healthy lifestyles.  


A single pouch of Maple to Go! is a no fuss, no muss choice for hiking, camping, commuting, biking, traveling or for use in small kitchens.  No need to worry about syrup leaking once it has been opened, covering everything inside your backpack or car with sticky sweetness.  Just replace the lid and close it tightly and you're good to go.  If there's even any left!  With the small size, a family will probably use it up and then you can just discard it into the trash.


You can also buy a 4 pack of Maple to Go! for $19.95.  It has four pouches that you can bring along on all of your adventures, big or small.  This would be a great Christmas gift idea for a maple syrup lover on your gift list.

With Maple to Go!, there's no need to go without your maple syrup fix when you're on the go.  It allows you to enjoy the sweet deliciousness no matter where you are! 

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