Saturday, November 21, 2020

With My French Recipe, Baking Cakes That Are Perfect and Delicious is Easy

I received these products from My French Recipe for review.  Founder Isabel Moto wanted to offer an easy solution to foodies who have little time to find good ingredients and even less time to cook, but still want a delicious home made cake.  They use only 100% natural and honest ingredients, never processed.  The recipes are fool proof, easy to follow and always delicious.  No matter how baking challenged you may be, you can make perfect, scrumptious cakes using these tools and mixes.  You can browse their website to see their full selection.  Read on to read about the products that I received.

Chocolate Lava Cake Mix - 3 Packs
For a price of only $21.00, you can get a 3 pack of mixes (or a single pack for $7.49) to make the classic Parisian cake in the comfort of your American home.  The French lava cake is a super moist cake that's full of chocolatey goodness.  You can find it in every French restaurant, and now you can serve this awesome French flavor at home.  It's super easy with no cooking skill required and it takes less than 25 min to make and bake.  Just add 3 eggs and a stick of butter to each mix, the rest is in the box!

French Pound Cake Baking MixPriced at $7.49, this
is a very simple and yet deliciously fragrant and addictive classic cake.  You'll need to add 3 eggs and a stick of butter to make this, but you can make it even more delicious by adding fresh blueberries, chocolate chips or lemon juice to the batter before pouring into the pan.  After just 5 minutes of preparation time and 50 minutes of baking time, you will be enjoying an authentic tasting French Pound Cake.

Belgian Dark Chocolate ChipsFor $6.00, you get 120g of pure and delicious Belgian dark chocolate chips containing 54% cocoa.
  This is the perfect chocolate for all your baking, with a very good balance between the cocoa and the sweetness.  It's the perfect chocolate for baking your favorite cakes or making delicious chocolate ganache.  It melts easily and tastes richer and more delicious than the average chocolate chips.

Pastry Tip For Macarons:  Priced at $5.00, this pastry tip is perfect to make the macaron's shells. This p
lain pastry tip is made of seamless, professional stainless steel and is perfect for the macaron's wheel, frosting, decorating and filling.  It's durable will last for a long time.  It won't rust or bend out of shape and it makes macaron's a breeze to make!

18" Reusable Pastry Bag:  This is a great reusable pastry bag for your baking needs!  Priced at $12.00, it is perfect to pair with the pastry tip I mentioned above.  It's polyurethane coated and has a reinforced tip and a hemmed top.  And it's easy to clean using just soap and water, so you can stop buying those disposable pastry bags. 

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