Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Safer Way To Repel Water and Block Stains From Your Favorite Clothes and Shoes

I received these products from DetraPel for review.  These non-toxic water and stain repellent treatments are designed to protect your favorite belongings from spills and stains.  DetraPel uses innovative nanotechnology to offer superhydrophobic sprays that are safer for you, your loved ones and our planet.

To make it even easier for you to protect your style this winter, DetraPel is offering the Protect Your Look Holiday Bundle.  For a limited time, this perfect add on for any holiday gift this season is available for just $38.99 ($59.96 value)!  You can keep your new shoes and apparel looking fresh and clean all year round. 

This special Holiday Bundle is made up of 2 bottles of the DetraPel Shoe & Sneaker Protector, and 2 bottles of the DetraPel Fabric & Clothing Protector.  By applying DetraPel fabric protectors to your shoes or apparel (shirts, coats, hats, ties, boots, sandals, etc.) you can go through your day confidently knowing that DetraPel has got you covered.  Let fashion meet function and always make a good impression.

These products will repel liquids, block stains and slow down their absorption to allow for easier clean up.  You can apply it in 2 easy steps, with no worries because it contains no
dangerous or harmful fluorochemicals / PFAS which are commonly used in other water and stain repellents.  It dries clear and odorless without changing the look or feel of the fabric.  It maintains the breathability of the fabrics and provides protection against fading and UV rays.  It cures at room temperature and can last up to 12 months!  And best of all:  it won't harm people or pets and can be applied safely indoors with no mask!

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