Tuesday, November 24, 2020

A Build It Yourself Computer Kit For Girls

I received this product from Boolean Girl for review.  The Founders of Boolean Girl are engineers, parents and educators who wanted to get more girls, under represented groups and low income kids into coding and building engineering projects.

Boolean Box is a self contained computer engineering kit designed for ages 8 and up.  Girls can learn coding, build electronics and more with this build it yourself computer kit.  The Boolean Box was created to teach girls how to program and become engineers.  By experimenting with kits based on a Raspberry Pi, and paying attention to what the girls liked the people at Boolean Girl were able to refine the kit until they found a combination that met their learning objectives.  They spent years perfecting the kit based on the input of 100’s of girls in camps and classes, and as the girls got their hands on them, they asked for kits of their own.

It's easy and fun to build your own computer.  Open the box, connect it to your HDMI capable TV, and it's ready to use.  It's designed for children 8 and up to build without help and there’s no internet connection required.  And although it was designed for girls, boys can use it too!


There are hundreds of different projects on the Boolean Girl website that kids can build.  Admission to Boolean University is free, and it provides coding and electronics projects created by experts.  It encourages kids to start with the basics, work at their own pace, and to track their progress.  The Boolean Box was picked as one of Time Magazine’s Eight Toys That Can Make Your Kids Smarter for 2017.  Kids love it and it would be perfect for Christmas morning!

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