Monday, October 19, 2020

These Watercolor Brush Pens are Convenient and Versatile

 I received this product from Crafty Croc for review.

The Crafty Croc Watercolor Brush Pens are regularly priced at $39.95, but are currently priced at $21.99 on the website.  You can also find them on Amazon.  A lot of would be painters do not paint as often as they would like because of the amount of time it takes to get out paints, paintbrushes and the rest of the necessary supplies for painting.  And then it takes more time to put everything away when you're done.  If you're a busy Mom, you don't have time for that.  But these watercolor brush pens offer quick and easy access because you have everything you need in one pen.  

These pens are perfect for coloring
make creativity fun and accessible.  Simply open the case of these artist brush pens and begin!  You have 24 vibrant colors to choose from.  The pens are flexible like a paint brush, so they are very versatile.  They can do broad strokes or fine intricate work and are excellent for adult or children’s coloring books, manga artists, comic book creators and calligraphy students.

You can enjoy painting with your kids without the fear of them knocking water over and making a mess.  You can add those final touches to your artwork without being afraid of paint splatters.  The transition from regular brushes is easier with these brush pens than it is if using paint markers.  And you can paint with full on color vibrancy, or dissolve the colors to suit your needs.

These Watercolor Brush Pens make a perfect gift to anyone who loves to color, artists or kids.  The convenient carry case fits neatly in a backpack and stores neatly when not in use.  

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