Monday, October 19, 2020

Sarcastic Coffee Mugs

I received these products from Mean Coffee Mugs for review.  They sell awesome sarcastic coffee mugs that are perfect for anyone who enjoys a sarcastic attitude and personality.  They are regularly priced at $29.99, but are currently priced at $24.00.

With the words "Baby it's cold outside" etches on the front of this mug, it brings to mind the feeling of sitting in front of a warm and cozy fire, sipping coffee or hot chocolate and basking in the warmth as the wind howls and snow flies outside.  With accents of musical notes and a snowflake, the song runs through my mind until I am singing along.

I love this cup!  It seems like it was made just for me.  The cute little gingerbread man with the bite taken out of his head and the words "Bite Me" boldly printed above him is perfectly suited for me.  When things do not go my way, I often jokingly say "Bite Me" in my frustration.  I love the variety of quotes Mean Coffee Mugs offers.  They have perfect mugs for everyone, from slightly sarcastic, to downright mean. 

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