Sunday, October 4, 2020

Snuggle Up With a Hot Drink and a Good Book This Fall

I received these books from Betty Bolté for review.  Fall is the perfect time of year to read those books that you have been putting off reading.  Nothing is better than kicking back in a cozy chair, wrapped up in a warm blanket with a cup of pumpkin spice latte, apple cider or hot chocolate.  Add a good book to the mix, and you've got perfection.  These books by Betty Bolté have a supernatural aspect that makes them perfect for Fall and Halloween reading. 

Haunted Melody(Previously Remnants):  Secrets of Roseville Book 2 - Suggested Retail Price $1.99 ebook; $12.99 paperback - Available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, Apple and Books2Read.  Synopsis from Website:

Paulette O’Connell needs to build her home decorating business in order to give her unborn child a stable home.  While exploring the mysterious attic of the antebellum plantation where she lives, she accidentally summons her grandfather’s ghost.  But he won’t leave until she figures out why she needed him in the first place, putting her plans in serious jeopardy.

Zak Markel has been searching for the last ingredient to create the Elixir of Life he hopes will save his brother’s eyesight.  But he discovers the woman of his dreams in the smart and beautiful Paulette, distracting him from his focus at the worst possible time, even though she staunchly refuses to allow him past her defenses.

Can he convince Paulette to open her mind to possibilities and follow her heart to true happiness before it’s too late?

The Touchstone of Raven Hollow:  Secrets of Roseville Book 3 - Suggested Retail Price $3.99 ebook; $12.99 paperback ($11.99 other than Amazon) - Available at Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Amazon, Apple and Books2ReadSynopsis from Website:

Was it a miracle?

The latest tests proved Grant Markel’s fatal medical condition was gone.  But the scientist within him wouldn’t accept that fact as a miracle.  So he’s come to Roseville, Tennessee, to dig for the truth.  As a geologist, he knows that uncovering layers of earth can lead to surprising finds - but when he discovers Tara Golden, he determines to reach her bedrock despite her denial of their mutual attraction.

Tara has hidden her healing power all of her life.  But occasionally she uses her abilities on people passing through town, sure they’d never figure out what saved them.  Now tall, sexy Grant is asking questions she doesn’t want to face, but he isn’t going to take no for an answer.

She’s committed to this town, and her gifted sisters who need her powers.  There’s no way she would risk them for a fling.  Yet what she’s feeling is more than lust.  What if the only thing she can’t heal is her heart? 

About the Author:

Bestselling, award winning author Betty Bolté is known for authentic and accurately researched American historical fiction with heart and supernatural romance novels.  She’s been published in essays, newspaper and magazine articles and nonfiction books but now enjoys crafting entertaining and informative fiction.  She earned a Master’s Degree in English in 2008, emphasizing the study of literature and storytelling, and has judged numerous writing contests for both fiction and nonfiction.

These books are very well written, and they capture your attention right away.  You'll find it hard to put the book down until you've turned the last page.

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