Sunday, October 4, 2020

Cozy Slipper Socks for Indoors or Outdoors

I received this product from Winnie's Socks for review.  Winnies is the first slipper sock/oversock combination on the market.  It was created by Kara Brunetta and named after Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.  It solves two problems, keeping your feet cozy and warm nestled inside a thick, comfy sock and the hands free ability to step into a waterproof outdoor oversock in one quick step.  These slipper socks are flexible and easy to put on.  They're perfect for walking the dog, getting firewood, sitting around the campfire on a chilly evening, running into town or those long, cold flights. 

I received The Winnie Set Ankle Cut.  For $44.99 you get a pair of soft and warm ankle slipper socks and a pair of oversocks.  When you're inside, your feet will be warm and cozy inside these 100% polyester fleece slipper socks with a soft sherpa lining.  Need to step out for a minute and don't want to have to change from your slipper socks to your shoes?  No problem!  Simply step into the 100% rubber oversocks with anti-rust metal and copper rivets.  They fit securely, kept in place by an undetectable magnet that's hidden in the back of the slipper sock under the woven label.  It snugly connects to the oversock sole.  No bending down, no need for hands, just one simple motion to step in and out.  Indoors or outdoors, your feet stay cozy and your socks stay clean and dry.

Winnie's are available in black, burgundy, grey and blue and come in Women's, Men's and Youth sizes.  You can choose ankle cut, or boot cut.  These are excellent Christmas gifts for everyone on your gift list...everyone loves warm, cozy socks!  And being able to quickly slip on the oversocks when you need to go outside is amazing!  Not to mention the fact that for each sale, 10% of the proceeds is donated towards sending children to summer camp!

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