Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Protect Your Leftovers With These Pretty Bowl Covers

I received this product from Great Useful Stuff for review.  Do you struggle with plastic wrap when you are putting away leftovers?  I often do.  Either it all sticks together before I can rip off a piece the size I need, or it doesn't stick at all.  It seems like plastic wrap is always hit or miss for me.  I've tried several aluminum foil (which really isn't all that different from plastic wrap in my opinion) and those cheap plastic bowl covers that never fit properly and always tear after just a few uses.  It's enough to make you swear off leftovers altogether.  But then I received this set of 5 Tasty Trimmings Fabric Bowl Cover Set, and it is a real game changer!

Say goodbye to plastic wrap and hello to eco-food storage!  Protect your leftovers (and the environment) with these new Eco Friendly Bowl and Casserole Covers.  Each cover is finely woven, ensuring the protection and freshness of your leftovers.  With phrases like "Merry Christmas", "Holiday Helpings" and "Yesterday's Yums" these Christmas themed bowl covers are perfect for any leftovers from your Christmas dinner.  And they're very affordable, the set of 5 is priced at $22.00.

You can use these bowl covers in place of plastic containers, saran wrap and aluminum foil.  They're great for indoor and outdoor food coverings!  They're perfect for covering rising bread dough, leftovers or snacks.  You can cover your food without the hassle of transferring the leftovers to plastic containers.  These bowl covers are made with durable 200 thread count cotton.  They're printed with natural vegetable ink.  You can feel the quality as soon as you touch them!  And they are perfectly safe for you and safe for the environment!

Why clutter your fridge with ugly landfill plastic when you can use these Tasty Trimmings Fabric Bowl Covers instead?  Each set includes 5 festive designed bowl covers for all your storage needs, including:  2 small covers (fits 6"-8" bowls), 1 medium cover (fits 8"-10" bowls) and 1 large cover (fits 10"-12" bowls).  And best of all, they're machine washable, reusable and eco-friendly!

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