Sunday, October 11, 2020

Popcorn That Slices Like a Cake

I received this product from Popilicious Popcorn Cakes for review.  Popcorn is an awesome snack.  You can pop it and add a little salt and butter, and it tastes great.  But it's also great to add a little sweetness to it.  I personally love caramel corn, and I love to turn it into a snack mix by adding some nuts and chocolate to the mix.  But I just found a new way to eat popcorn, and I must say, I am addicted!

Popcorn cakes is popcorn that is coated in marshmallow, with stuff like chocolate candies, nuts and pretzels mixed in, then formed into the shape of a cake.  The finishing touch is a drizzle (like chocolate or caramel) spread over the top.  To eat it, you simply slice off a piece like you would a cake.

Popilicious is the only commercial maker of popcorn cakes.  You can choose one of their flavor combinations, or you can tell them what "pop ins" (from their list) you would like included in your cake when you order.  The cakes range in price from $30.99 to $35.99, depending what you choose.  And these cakes are truly beautiful and delicious works of art.  They come in colorful Holiday themes, and they have several that are perfect for Halloween.  

Your popcorn cake arrives beautifully packaged in a clear wrap with a matching ribbon bow.  For this review, I chose the Customized Gourmet Popcorn Cake and requested Milk Chocolate M&Ms, Caramel, Pretzels and a Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate Drizzle.  It was so hard to choose 3 pop ins because there are so many that sound so yummy.  It looked so beautiful that I hated to cut into it, but I couldn't wait to taste it!  And it did not disappoint!  The different flavors and textures mingling together made eating this an delicious adventure.

Popilicious is run by a mother/daughter team in sunny South Florida.  In addition to popcorn cakes, the offer popcorn pops, mini popcorn cakes, popcorn bites and popcorn pizza.  The even offer gluten free treats!  They are available on their website, Amazon and select Whole Foods.  Order some for your Halloween or Birthday party, or just order one to enjoy on Family Movie Night!  You won't be disappointed!   

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