Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Baseball Style Cap That's Designed Specifically for Women

I received these products from Shady Lady for review.  If you're a woman who loves hats, then you know the struggle and frustration of trying to find one that fits properly.  Let's face it, baseball style caps are designed predominantly for men.  Sure, you can find one to wear, but it never fits right.  It's too sporty, too big, too stiff...too something...  But that's not true anymore.  Shady Lady has designed a cap specifically for ladies.

Shady Lady Hats are available for both women and kids, and they come in several different colors and designs.  Choose Salty Lady, Peaceful Lady, Shady Lady, Leopard Lady, Starry Lady, Sunny Lady or Yoga Lady to match any outfit, personality and style.  With these hats you won't be forced to sacrifice fit and comfort for style because you get it all with any hat you choose.  The women's hats are priced at $29 each and the kids hats are priced at $26.

Company founder Allyson Mandelbaum has combined her passion for the beach with an innate eye for design to fill a major gap in the market.  These hats are perfect for hiding dirty hair that you haven't had time to wash, bad hair days or just for looking cute as you go about your day!  Whether spending a day on the beach, walking through the woods, hanging out at a huge Fall bonfire or whatever you choose to do, you'll feel free, fearless and a little bit shady.  They also donate a portion of their profits towards cleaning up the beaches.

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