Friday, October 16, 2020

A Cute Bandana for Your Dog, and a Matching Face Mask for You

I received these products from Milkbone for review.

Milkbone dog treats are some of my dog's favorite treats.  They have more than 20 different varieties, so it's easy to find the perfect treat.  And now they have just released a line of three different Howl-O-Ween Costume Sets.  These sets consist of a bandana for your dog and a face mask for you.  Plus, there's a bonus pack of Milkbone Mini's dog treats included with each set.  The face mask is adult sized with ear loops for a comfortable and secure fit.  The bandana comes in two sizes, small dog and big dog.  These mask and bandana sets can be purchased on Amazon for $9.99 each.

This Pumpkin and Candy set is so cute.  The bandana has the Milkbone logo on on an orange background, as well as various types of candy scattered over it.  The face mask will transform you into a human jack-o-lantern with the mouth and nose printed on it.

The Skeleton Set is my personal favorite.  The bandana has a white rib cage and spine printed on a black background, and a red heart with the Milkbone logo.  The black face mask has the lower half of a skull printed on it.  This set looks so cool!

And finally we have the Mouse and Cheese set.  This set is so cute, the bandana is printed to look like a block of cheese with the Milkbone logo on it.  The face mask is gray and has a cute little mouse nose, mouth and whiskers printed on it.  

These mask and bandana sets would be perfect for a quick and easy costume for both you and your dog.  They're sure to get lots of compliments because they are so cute!

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