Friday, September 11, 2020

Games are the perfect family gift for Christmas

I received these products from Amigo Games for Review.  If your family enjoys playing games together, you really should check out their selection.  They have something for everyone!  And with Christmas coming up fast, you can save some shopping time by choosing games for everyone on your gift list.  All Amigo Games are available at most major retailers and on Amazon.  You can use the STORE FINDER on the Amigo Games website to find a store near you that carries them.

Duck-A-Roo has a suggested retail price of $19.99.  This 2-4 player game is recommended for ages 3 and over and has an average game time of 10 minutes.  There's just something about ducks that kids love, and this game is no exception!

Everything is just ducky when Mama duck has all of her ducklings in a row.  But when players flip over a lily pad that matches the last duckling in line, they call out "Duck-A-Roo!" and swim it to the front.  The game ends when Mama swims back to the front after the last match, and players count up their lily pads to see who wins.

The components of Duck-A-Roo include one large yellow Mama Duck, 3 small ducklings (green, blue and red), an eyeball sticker sheet, 20 duck pond tokens and the instructions.

Caterpillar Crawl has a suggested retail price of $14.99.  This 2-4 player game is recommended for ages 4 and over.  The average game time is 10 minutes.  Parents love this simple strategy game because there are plenty of opportunities for teaching moments while playing it.  Kids love the high quality 3-D wood game pieces.

The 3-D caterpillars crawl across the board in a race to gobble up leaves, teaching strategy, decision making and impulse control along the way.  Players take turns rolling the dice.  When their rolls match the color of the last section of their caterpillar, they move it forward.  But the other players move too, and kids have to decide when it's best to move, and when moving helps their opponents more than it helps them.  There are plenty of chances for kids and parents to interact in this delightful game that's easy to learn and fast to play.

Each Caterpillar Crawl game comes with 24 colorful wooden caterpillar sections, 4 natural wood caterpillar heads, 3 color dice and illustrated instructions.

Ring-A-Ding-Ding has a suggested retail price of $14.99.  This 2-6 player game is recommended for ages 4 and over and the average game time is 10 minutes.  It's great for kids because there is no wait time between turns, everyone plays at the same time.  It challenges attention to detail, speed and coordination.  And the colorful bands can also be used as hair ties!

To play, players flip over a card, grab a hairband and start stretching it.  But things can get downright hairy as players race to get the right bands on to the right fingers in the right order.  It's a game of visual and digital dexterity.  The first to finish dings the bell and collects the card.

Each Ring-A-Ding-Ding Game comes with 32 cards, 72 colorful bands, a bell and instructions.  The bands are so bright and colorful that you will have a hard time keeping them with the game and out of you little girl's hair!

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