Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Take music or singing lessons online

I received lessons from ProInHome in exchange for an honest review.  If you or your child are interested in taking music lessons, whether you want to learn to play an instrument or improve your singing voice, you should check out ProInHome.  They have wonderful teachers who are professional musicians.  They're friendly and knowledgeable, and the lessons are conducted right in your home via an online Zoom session.  And they teach people of all ages!  My daughter Julia loves to sing, and she was able to have some singing lessons with a great teacher named Audrey.

The lessons began with some warm up routines, learning how to position the mouth for various effects and learning proper breathing techniques.  From their they moved on to singing a song.  I really liked that Audrey let Julia choose the song she wanted to work on.  Julia is a big fan of Amy Lee and Evanescence, so of course she chose to work on My Immortal.  After just one lesson, I could hear a big improvement in Julia's singing.

The video above shows one of the warmup exercises.  Audrey also sent a few videos of different warmups for Julia to use for practicing between lessons.  She was also very responsive via email between lessons, so if Julia had any questions about anything, Audrey was just an email away.

There was even an online recital that Julia was able to participate in.  Like the lessons, this was conducted via Zoom.  Julia had never sung in front of anyone other than family before, so this was a great experience for her.  And I was one super proud Mommy as I watched her perform.       

Overall, this was a wonderful experience.  If you or your child have any interest at all in music lessons of any kind, I highly recommend ProInHome.  The lesson rates are $30 for a 30 minute lesson or $50 for a 60 minute lesson and is set up as one lesson per week.  If you prefer to have 2 lessons per week, then you can have two 30 minute lessons for $25 per lesson.  The lessons are 1-on-1 between the student and the teacher via Zoom.  You also get access to the student portal where you can see homework assignments, lesson notes and study materials.  And don't forget the online recitals!  You can even sign up for a free trial lesson to see what it's like and if you like it.  

I really liked that the teacher took the time to get to know Julia, and she focused on the areas that Julia needs to work on most.  The lessons are tailored to the individual to help them accomplish their goals.  And with times being as they are right now, you can practice social distancing and still get the 1-on-1 lessons that you want and deserve!

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