Friday, July 10, 2020

Games for everyone

With people spending more time at home, families are looking for more activities to do together.  One thing that kids of all ages (including adult kids!) love to do is play video games.  And there are so many games available these days.  You can choose to play on your PC, tablet and smart phone, or you can choose to play on a game console.  Popular game consoles include Play Station and X-Box, and even some classic retro systems like Atari and Super Nintendo have made a comeback.  But probably the most popular game system today is Nintendo Switch.

There is a wide variety of Switch Games available, and you can find them both online and in retail stores.  And whether you are a hard core gamer, or just someone who likes to play a puzzle game once in a while, you are sure to find many games you like.  A great site to shop for games is Rakuten.  You'll find a good selection of games at great prices. 

The great thing about this game system is that you have a choice about how you want to play.  Go head to head with a family member or friend on a single system, or play using multiple systems by connecting with people locally.  You can even connect to the internet and play with others worldwide!  So you will never suffer from lack of competition.

Nintendo Switch is perfect for my family because it has games that we all love.  My husband loves shooter games, I prefer strategy or puzzle games and my kids, well they loves everything!  So it's super easy to find games for us to play together.  You can find tons of games on Rakuten.

If you're looking for a game console for your family, I highly recommend Nintendo Switch.  It's easy to use, tons of fun and it has games for everyone!

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