Thursday, June 25, 2020

Learning doesn't need to stop just because it's summer! And it's fun!

I received these products Little Learning Hands for review.  Just because summer is here doesn't mean that you continue learning!  Little Learning Hands have created a line of subscription kits that gives your kids a way to travel the world, learn life skills and have a blast while doing it!  It is recommended for children age 6-12. 

When you subscribe to The World Explorer Kit, you can choose a monthly subscription for $29.95 (billed monthly), a 3 month subscription for $83.95 ($27.95 per kit and billed every 3 months), a 6 month subscription for $155.70 ($25.95 per kit and billed every 3 months)or a 12 month subscription for $287.40 ($23.95 per kit and billed every 12 months).  All subscriptions renew automatically, but you can cancel any time if you do not wish to continue.

For each month of the subscription, your child will discover a new country, culture and new activities. Your first kit comes with a Little Learning Hands Passport to keep track of your adventures and a Scratch Off Map where you can mark off your Little Learning Hands travel.  These items are only included in the first kit.  Your first kit, as well as each additional kit you receive, features a specific country and contains a Country Booklet (that tells you everything about the country, its culture and some fun facts), Recipe Cards (with recipes from the country so you can make and enjoy foods that people eat there), Table Talk Cards (to challenge your family to share new stories with the help of the cards), Sticker (to add to your Little Learning Hands Passport to mark off your explorations), 3D Puzzles (that let you build your way through the most recognized landmarks of the world), Flag (from the featured country...collect one from each kit!), Play Money (compare these imitation bills to the money you use and see how they differ), and Art Science and More Activity (lets you learn a new life skill through a new activity each month).

You will also receive a color your own backpack and some markers to color it with.  

These kits will open up the world to your children.  They will learn how people live in different countries, what kinds of foods they eat, what their money looks like and other facts about other countries.  It may even inspire them to travel the world when they grow up!

The Painting With Diamonds:  3D Diamond Clock is available on Amazon for $16.99 and is recommended for age 5+.  They come in different designs, like Mermaid and Football, but I received the Butterfly one.  This unique arts and crafts activity kit is easy to assemble and features mess free diamond painting by number.  If you are not familiar with diamond painting, you apply small diamond crystal rhinestones to a sticky surface to create a beautiful picture.  You use a pen like tool to move the rhinestones.  You put wax on the tip of the tool so the rhinestones will stick to it, allowing you to move and position them where you want them.  

The kit promotes problem solving skills, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.  It comes with a tray to hold your rhinestones as you work, the pen tool, the diamond crystals, wax, clock art, clock mechanism parts (the clock hands) and instructions.  This is very easy to assemble and when finished, your child will have a beautiful working clock that they made themselves.  Nothing else is needed.  

This clock is perfect for your child's bedroom, or for your child to give as a gift.  Perhaps a gift for Grandma?  Teens will also love this.  Even I like to do diamond painting, so I think this is a great product!  Grab a few of them and do them as a family for a summer craft project!

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