Friday, June 5, 2020

Get relief from the itching, stinging and swelling caused by bug bites.

I received this product from Bug Bite Thing for review.  What exactly is it, you ask?  It's exactly what the name's a Bug Bite Thing!  It's an easy to use suction tool that painlessly and effectively extracts insect saliva or venom from under the skin to help alleviate the itching, stinging and swelling that occurs with bug bites and stings.  When the irritant is removed, your body will stop producing the reaction that is causing the uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms.  Using creams and ointments will only mask the problem.  But the Bug Bite Thing eliminates it!

What's great about the Bug Bite Thing is that it doesn't use any messy creams or sprays, and there are no chemicals.  It's just suction!  And it really works!  I have a daughter who is extremely sensitive to bug bites and stings, and this has given her relief.  She's now able to enjoy being outdoors without having to worry about getting bitten and having to deal with the itching and swelling.  And it's small enough to take with you anywhere!

Just throw it in your bag and you're ready to go!  It's perfect for a day at the beach, boating on the lake or gardening in your back yard.

Dad will love taking it along on his fishing trips because we all know there are tons of bugs along the water.  It's also perfect for Dad to throw into his golf bag when he goes golfing.  

You can purchase the Bug Bite Thing from their website or from Amazon for the low price of $9.95.  With a price like that, you'll probably want to buy several of them.  Keep one in your bag, one in the tackle box, one in the golf bag, one in the car and one at home.  You'll never want to be without it!

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