Thursday, June 4, 2020

Create your own graphic designs like a pro

I recently received a membership to DesignCap to try out and review, and I must say that this site is awesome!  You can use this site to quickly create stunning graphic designs for your business, social media shares, invitations, charts or anything you need.  You will save time and money by creating your own professional looking designs.

They have thousands of templates that you can use to design your graphic, or you can choose to upload your own photo to use.  Either way, you can quickly create designs that stand out without any special training.  Everyone can create designs that will look like a pro did them!  The editing tools are powerful, yet simple to use.  And you will be able to customize your design however you want!

There are millions of arts and resources to help you create the best possible graphic.  Choose from the built in fonts, shapes and backgrounds to completely customize your creation.  There is also a large library of stock photos and icons that you can use.    

Create stunning visual charts for business presentations to clearly show off your data.  Combine images, icons and text into a cohesive whole with dozen of modules that makes visual design easier and faster.  People will think you worked long and hard to create your charts, or they will think you hired a pro to do it for you.

You can create your design in just three easy steps.  First, you choose your template.  Browse through the thousands of templates to find the perfect one.

Next, customize your design with the simple, yet powerful editing tools.  You can add colors, clipart images, backgrounds and text.  You can choose the font you want to use and the size and color of the text.  DesignCap lets you make your design truly your own.

And finally, save your creation to your computer, or share it online for all to see.  

You can create your own invitations for your kid's birthday party and then print them out.  Create stunning brochures and posters as well.  Create graphics for your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more.  There are so many things you can do!  

You can sign up and use DesignCap completely free with limited features.  But it is well worth purchasing the Basic or Plus membership so you have access to more of the design tools.  The Plus membership is just $5.99 per month, and you get full access with that.  I highly recommend it.  Sign up today and start creating beautiful, professional quality graphics!

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