Sunday, May 24, 2020

Encourage good behavior and habits in your kids in a fun way!

I received this product from Goodtimer for review.  Are you tired of the nightly argument with your kids when it's time to take a bath or go to bed?  Getting kids to do their chores, brush their teeth, do their homework and more often results in a battle of wills between parent and child.  Sometimes it seems like you can't get them to do anything unless you yell, give them timeouts or ground them.  And this leaves you feeling like the bad guy.  But Goodtimer can help put an end to that.

Goodtimer is the world's fist habit forming, family toy and tech gadget.  It's a simple and effective tool that encourages your children to make good choices.  And it let's them have fun doing it!  It's an interactive and friendly, clock style companion that provides stimulating positive reinforcement and meaningful incentives to promote patterns of good behavior. 

You can purchase Goodtimer directly from the website or from Amazon.  The retail price is normally $129.95, but it is currently on sale for $79.95.  You will get one Goodtimer Device, the children's book, charging adaptor, Goodtimer tokens and pouch.  It is easy to use, it's simple enough for a 3 year old and can be used by older children as well.  It is recommended for ages 3-10.  It has a tough, impact resistant body, rechargeable battery that can go up to 5 days between charges, integrated stereo speaker and a token dispenser with a 16 token capacity.

When your child makes good choices, they turn their Goodtimer on by flipping it right side up.  Goodtimer begins to glow green, a positive sound plays and the device begins tracking Good Time.  It displays your child's performance by illuminating twelve glowing segments, similar to the hands of a clock.  As the child continues to follow house rules and earn more Good Time, more segments are filled with green light.  This demonstrates your child's progress and performance in a way that's simple enough for a 3 year old to understand.  

Each Goodtimer comes with a children's book that tells Goodtimer's charming back story.  It also explains how the device works and gives you the tools you need to help your child succeed at making good choices.  While reading the book, parents and kids will have an opportunity to clarify house rules.  This ensures that everyone is on the same page and is working together to earn Good Time.

When pre-programmed Good Time milestones are reached, Goodtimer dispenses reusable takens as an additional form of positive reinforcement.  These tokens can be saved and exchanged for additional incentives decided by your family.  Similar to an allowance, tokens must be earned with consistent behavior over time.  Since Goodtimer tokens are tangible, young children can easily understand how their behavior affects their performance.

Kids love Goodtimer because it's fun and parents love it because it works.  It's backed by neuroscience and developed in collaboration with leading parenting experts.  The patented approach uses the principles of positive parenting to help kids follow family rules and practice patterns of good behavior.  By being interactive, it helps kids make the connection between their choices and the outcomes it brings about, making Goodtimer very effective in reinforcing positive behavior and forming good habits that last.  

So say goodbye to yelling, whining, grounding and all of that unpleasantness.  Goodtimer is an enjoyable way to bring peace to your household and encourage good behavior.

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