Saturday, May 23, 2020

Dry out your phone overnight

I received these products from Absorbits for review.  I'm sure you've been're talking on your phone when it suddenly starts raining.  It rains so hard that your phone gets soaked.  Or maybe you put your phone in your back pocket when you go to the bathroom and OOPS! it falls into the toilet!  Both of these scenarios are disastrous and can damage your phone so bad that it no longer works.  So what do you do?  They say you can put a wet phone in a bag of rice and it will draw out the water, but in my experience, this never works.  But don't despair!  Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch will save your phone!  It's normally priced at $15.99. but right now they are on sale for $12.99.   

If your phone gets wet, just drop it in the Absorbits pouch and it will dry it out overnight.  The bag is equipped with patented Bone-Dri Technology that removes moisture from your mobile device in a matter of hours.  The pouch can be used over and over again.  Once it has absorbed all the moisture from your phone, simply dry it with a hair dryer or in a clothes dryer on the lowest setting.

The Absorbits Wet Phone Rescue Pouch can be used to dry out many different items.  Electronics, Cellphones, Firearms, Tools and other valuables, toys and collectibles.  It also works wonderfully as a storage sleeve.

The pouch is available in your choice of 4 different colors:  silver, black, purple and blue.  It is great for Emergency Preparedness.  It's a must have for your survival kit if you live in an area that is susceptible to hurricanes.  It's great for outdoor enthusiasts, and it's padded for extra protection.  It fits virtually any mobile device from iPhones to Androids and all things in between.  Absorbits puts and end to the worry of your phone being destroyed if it gets wet.

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