Monday, January 6, 2020

Treat your Mom (or any other woman you care about) and your kids to a luxurious bath experience with Mom Bombs

I received these products from Mom Bombs for review.  These luxurious bath bombs, made with an indulgent combination of organic Argan Oil and essential oils, create a soothing relaxing experience for the recipient, while proceeds from each box sold funds, their non profit organization that is focused on helping mothers in need.  I received 2 gift boxes to review.  The first is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for Mom, wife, girlfriend, grandma, sister, daughter, best friend or any woman that you care about.  They other is a perfect Valentine's Day gift for any child.  I don't suggest these for very small children, however, because the kid's gift set contains a very small grow capsule that holds a small sponge inside.   

This is The Classic Gift Set for Moms from Mom Bombs.  It can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99.  Each bath bomb is hand made in the U.S.A. with all natural ingredients.  They arrive in a beautiful box that is perfect for gifting.  The box holds 6 great smelling bath bombs, and they are huge!  You'll get Goddess (unleash your inner mermaid with the enticing cotton candy aroma), Detox (wash away the day with this floral scented spa tonic), Inspiration (work it out in the tub with a sweet blend of caramel and vanilla), Mother's Intuition (go with your gut with relaxing lavender and lemon), Sweet Tooth (have your cake and eat it too will perk you up as it transports you to fields of strawberries) and Unwind (let Mom Bombs take you away to the islands with coconut and tropical breezes).

This is The Magic Gift Set for Kids from Mom Bombs.  It can be purchased on Amazon for $29.99.  With this gift set, you get surprises in every bath!  Have fun in the tub with these all natural 3.5 oz. bath bombs that each include a magic glow capsule.  After the fun of the fizz, your little ones (but not too little) will be delighted to discover that a sponge has been hidden inside the magic grow capsule.  Each beautiful gift ready gift box contains 6 bath bombs with different scents.  You'll get Huckleberry (all blue), Burffday Cake (white with sprinkles), Gummy Bear (green and blue), Rainbow Sherbet (pink and yellow), Cotton Candy (blue and pink) and Banana Split (green and yellow).

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