Saturday, January 11, 2020

Learn to live healthier with this book

I received this book from Chris Shelton for review.  Qigong for Self Refinement was written by Chris Shelton, who is a certified Qigong practitioner and teacher with 18 years of clinical experience in Qigong.  Qigong is an ancient holistic health modality that combines traditional Chinese medicine with movement, breath and visualization.  Chris has helped thousands of people across the United States and around the world reclaim their health and enjoy lives free from chronic pain.  He's worked with Special Olympics teams, professional martial artists, weight lifters and celebrities looking for deeper meaning in their lives.  His belief in the healing powers of Qigong is rooted in first hand experience.  As a teenager he suffered from a devastating back injury thta left him in constant pain and partially paralyzed.  He attributes his full recovery to Qigong, a holistic approach perfect for people who want non-invasive, affordable and empowering healthcare.  Chris' work has appeared in newspapers and magazines, and has been featured on radio and television.  He is also the founder of Morning Crane Healing Arts Center in San Jose, California.      

Qigong For Self Refinement: Total Health with the 5 Elements:  Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood by Chris Shelton -  In this book, Chris takes readers through simple, yet effective, practices to get energies humming.  Beginning with a clear explanation of the fundamental concepts of Chinese medicine, it presents simple meditations and traditional physical exercises based on this Qigong theory.  Regularly practicing these exercises leads one into a greater awareness of the body, and generally restores health from the inside out.  There is a five element questionnaire to ascertain personal element type and to create and target a personalized exercise program according to ones needs.

Chris has received endorsements from some of his celebrity clients including Maria Shriver (journalist and First Lady of Clifornia), Channing Tatum (actor, film producer, dancer and model), Michelle Branch (singer/songwriter), Bill Goldberg (former professional football player and WWE professional wrestler), Cung Le (former UFC fighter and mixed martial arts champion), Billy Blanks (fitness guru, martial artist and creator of Tae Bo), Eric the Trainer (Celebrity Trainer, host of Spike TV's fitness & nutrition series and TV's Celebrity Sweat), Def Leopard (band), Journey (band) and Mike Kroger (guitarist from Nickleback). 

For a limited time, you can get a copy of Qigong For Self Refinement for free HERE (just pay shipping and handling).  This would be a great Valentine's Day gift for any of your loved ones because it will help them live a healthier life.  Get one for yourself as well!  

Check out these benefits of Qigong:
  • Loosens Muscles
  •  Builds Power
  •  Strengthens Organs
  •  Slows Respiration
  •  Strengthens Nerves
  •  Builds Bone Density
  •  Prevents Joint Injury
  •  Reduces Stress

  • ​ Strengthens Ligaments
  •  Destroys Free Radicals
  •  Increases Injury Recovery
  •  Decreases Stress
  •  Balances Emotions
  •  Improves Circulation
  •  Prevents Muscular Spasms
  •  Reduces Pain

  • ​ Lowers Heart Rate
  •  Normalizes EKG
  •  Lowers Blood Pressure
  •  Improves Asthma
  •  Relieves Bronchitis
  •  Builds Immune System
  •  Relieves Migraines
  •  Increases Mental Clarity

  • ​ Decrease Stroke Risk
  •  Improves Skin Elasticity
  •  Improves Posture
  •  Improves Flexibility
  •  Increases Balance
  •  Improves Memory
  •  Aides in Digestion
  •  Improves Kidney Function
You can get a copy for free (just pay shipping and handling) for only a limited time.  So hurry and get your copy now!

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