Saturday, December 21, 2019

These glass straws allow you to be environmentally conscious without having to use soggy paper straws

I received these products from HeartStraws for review.  It's no secret that plastic straws are wreaking havoc in our oceans and with wildlife.  There is a big push right now to acknowledge the need to be more environmentally conscious.  As a result, many restaurants have begun using paper straws.  But what happens when paper straws get wet?  They get soggy and quickly become unusable.  HeartStraws are made of glass.  They are reusable and they do not get soggy as you use them.   They will not affect the flavor of your drink and they can be used with both hot and cold drinks.  

Skinny HeartStraws 4 Piece Pouch Set with Brush ($22.99):  4 Piece HeartStraw Set includes 4- 8MM glass straws, cleaning brush, and carry pouch.  It's perfect to carry with you so you always have it handy when you need a straw!

Multi Piece Skinny HeartStraws ($18.99):  We’ve combined our most popular colors and styles into collections that highlight our love of the sea.  Each collection was selected to represent a mood or memory, and each one helps support our commitment to give back to the community around us.  All our sets include 4 glass straws and a cleaning brush in a box that helps tell our story.  Sets Include:  4 Skinny (8MM) Glass Straws, 1 Wire Cleaning Brush and 1 Gift Box.

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