Saturday, December 21, 2019

Help The Toothless Monster get some teeth!

I received this product from The Toothless Monster for review.  From deep in a far, far away jungle comes the Toothless Monster.  A wild new Tooth Fairy adventure that lets children give teeth to a friend in need!  After all, where do teeth go when they Tooth Fairy takes them?

The snuggle size Toothless Monster plush toy comes in your choice of blue or purple.  A beanbag base helps the monster sit upright next to your child's bed.  Also, a secret tooth pouch is located under the monster's tongue to safely hold your child's real tooth until the Tooth Fairy comes to deliver it to its thankful new owner - blue Monte or purple Meli.

The richly illustrated hardcover book follows the story of Monte, The Toothless Monster, as he meets the Tooth Fairy and earns his teeth.  It's a story about being different, about helping others and a little bit about partying, of course!  Plus a monster shaped tooth loss chart to record each date that your child loses a tooth.  The book is also available with a purple monster friend, Meli.

The Toothless Monster comes with a set of attachable teeth that the Tooth Fairy's assistant (an adult), keeps hidden in a safe place.  While helping the Tooth Fairy with her usual duties, you'll secure one of the provided teeth in the monster's mouth - it takes only seconds to do.  Your child will be thrilled to wake and find that their monster really gained a new tooth . . . and their Tooth Fairy gifts, of course.

The Toothless Monster is a wild, new Tooth Fairy friend that gains a tooth each time a child loses one.  Each boxed set is priced at $39.95 and includes a cuddly plush monster (in your choice of blue Monte or purple Meli), a fully illustrated 8.5" hardcover book and a set of 16 plastic teeth that the Tooth Fairy's assistant (an adult) should keep hidden in a safe place until ready for use.  Wiggle those loose teeth out, and join The Toothless Monster for a more magical, meaningful, Tooth Fairy experience.

Let your Toothless Monster's new smile shine bright with an upgraded set of GLOW IN THE DARK teeth priced at just $5.95 per set. Simply use these in place of the regular teeth that come standard with The Toothless Monster boxed set. Tooth Fairy recommended!

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