Thursday, December 5, 2019

Do you have an avid reader on your gift list? Check out these books!

I received these books from Austin Macauley Publishers for review.  These books would be perfect for any avid reader on your gift list.

Reilly's Bullet by Mack Owen ($11.99):  The tale of a Dublin musician who, through forensic experimentation, develops a new feature to avoid police, detectives, and military from identifying the identity and location of a firearm, when used.  Having demonstrated its capability in an assassination, he puts it up for auction to governments while on a concert tour.

The Three Sentinels by Fred M. Civish Jr. ($14.95):  Join young Jesse Basham in his amazing life on a journey starting from Missouri on the 1857 Francher wagon train headed for California.  It all came to an end at Mountain Meadows, Utah, where the entire train was massacred.  Left for dead, Jesse was nursed back to life by a clan of Paiute Indians.  He was accepted into their tribe and renamed Mericat, since the Paiute language only had two words for white men.  The first was Momen, for the Mormons who came into the land as settlers.  The second was Mericats, for everyone else.

While the wonders of a historic wagon train trip along the Oregon trail and the life among the Paiute are a fascinating read, it is the deceit of those who did the attack and the causes for the massacre which makes this historical novel important.

Newsboy - Adventures From A Life In Journalism by Bill Fairbairn ($15.95):  Newsboy, is an insight into traditional journalism, spans more than 70 years of journalistic expertise and highlights how the industry has evolved.  Following the author’s journey through his experiences starting as a newspaper delivery boy in 1950s Scotland up until present day as editor emeritus and staff writer for the Riverview Park Review, Newsboy is a must read for aspiring journalists and those seeking to learn more about the news industry. 

Outsiders by Ross Graham ($12.99):  Elliot Porter is a young, ambitious newspaperman living in colonial New Zealand.  When the death of a dear friend reveals long-held secrets, he sets out on a journey to discover the truth about his past.  Lana Hansen, a law school graduate relegated to a secretarial role by a male dominated profession, has a life mapped out by her family’s social standing in the local community.  Her future prohibits involvement with any man judged her inferior.

James Mackenzie comes to the colonies in search of a better life, but to his misfortune discovers greed, bigotry, and injustice have accompanied him to the new lands.   Three lives, three people marginalized, three outsiders. 

Torn in Two - Valor of a U.S. Marine by Farid Hotaki ($14.95):  An emotional ride through the eyes, heart and soul of one Afghan-American Marine’s journey in Afghanistan.  Vengeance enticed by the world’s most infamous religious war fighters, the Taliban;  one man turns to his extreme thoughts to conquer his own demons.  During some of the most gruesome war times, he finds love deep within the shadows of war, only to come home and feel the true effects of post traumatic stress disorder.  An unimaginable roller coaster of a fast and risky life, he later yearns for the spy game.  As we live in a time of terror, the unexpected is always around the corner.

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