Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Your Dolls need winter clothes too!

I received these products from PZAS Toys for review.  PZAS Toys' designers take pride in creating unique and exclusive designs.  Enjoy their beautiful won't find anything like them anywhere else.  With these realistic outfits and fun accessories, your daughter's imagination will be launched in a whole new direction!  These clothes will renew her friendship with an old doll, or build a new one with a new doll.  With an outfit for every occasion, her doll will be ready for any adventure! 

With winter upon us, everyone is bundling up to keep warm.  But just because it's cold outside doesn't mean you can't still wear cute outfits and look adorable.  And don't forget about your dolls!  They need winter clothes too!  They can still look cute and adorable as you dress them to stay warm in these 5 winter outfits with accessories.  These outfits fit 18" dolls and are made with quality materials.  They are also triple checked to ensure that the sewing is done at a quality level.  You get 5 complete outfits with the accessories (boots, shoes, umbrella and 10 hangers) included for only $69.95 with free shipping.  Plus, for a limited time, there is a coupon located on the amazon page.  Just click the box to apply the coupon before you add the winter outfit set to your cart and you'll save $20.00 off of your total!  

RAINCOAT SET:  How cute is this raincoat?  It has a beautiful multi color design that any girl would love, but there's more!  It's also reversible!  If you get tired of the colors, just reverse it and you'll have a shiny silver raincoat.  The lifelike two toned umbrella is included.  You'll also get a sleeveless white dress, a pair of clear rainboots and bright pink socks.

SKATING OUTFIT:  Your doll will be the cutest girl on the ice at the local skating rink or frozen pond when you dress her in this adorable skating outfit.  The outfit consists of a silky blue bodysuit, floral skater skirt, white fringe scarf, necklace, white mittens and ice skates.

SKI SET:  Your doll can hit the slopes in style when you dress her in this adorable ski outfit.  The turquoise jacket and pants have pink and white stripes and goes great with the pink mittens and pink scarf.  There are 2 hats (one pink and one white), so switch them up for different looks. The set also includes a white t-shirt, white socks, a cute little snowman and fuzzy snow boots.

HOLIDAY DRESS SET:  Dress your doll in this pink party dress with floral sequined design and pink party shoes.  She'll be ready for any party that you take her to.  The accessories that come with this dress set includes a camera, necklace, bracelet, gift box and cupcake set.

WINTER COAT SET:  Your doll will stay warm when you dress her in this striking red winter coat.  Prepare her for a family dinner date or outing by dressing her in this grey textured evening dress.   The included fun patterned scarf, necklace, underwear and shoes will complete the look.

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