Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Little ones love these Sensory Crinkle Tag Squares and Learning Loveys!

I received these products from Baby Jack & Co. for review.  The Learning Lovey is a sensory tag blanket that brings security to kids.  Inspired by Baby Jack who had an obsession for playing with ribbon tags.  He would gravitate towards fidgeting with tags on blankets and toys.  One night, Jack got his finger intertwined in a looped ribbon while trying to fall asleep.  This inspired his mother to make a safer product for kids that brings comfort, safety and education.  Baby Jack is the only company that SEWS THE RIBBON TAGS SHUT for added safety.  They design their own fabric prints to be EDUCATIONAL, teaching shapes in the animals, trees and vehicles.  They also offer Crinkle Tag Squares.  You can find all of the fabric colors and designs HERE.  Choose your favorite design and style.  The Crinkle Square is priced at $12.94 and the Learning Lovey is priced at $24.95.

Your child will love all of the adorable sheep, cows, ducks and horses on the Crinkle Square.  Babies will develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through senseory play  The Sensory Crinkle Tag Square by Baby Jack & Co. provides a variety of tactile fun with the sounds, feels and visuals of this toy.  Their modern designs feature a Seek & Find concept with hidden shapes, letters and numbers on the fabrics.  They also offer more gender neutral designs that bring more STEAM benefits to growing minds.  Each 8" by 8" Crinkle Tag Square has crackling paper that makes fun noises.  It's accented with coordinating color ribbons that are sewn shut for added safety for little fingers.  Each Crinkle Square comes with a non-toxic and BPA-free toy link to clip onto strollers, car seats, or baby carriers.

The Learning Lovey is the perfect security blanket that will last forever.  The zoo pattern will bring to mind those cherished memories of your little ones' first zoo visit, the roars of a lion, the monkey sounds and the way your child tried to say "elephant".  As your child grows up, the patterns will encourage your child to learn basic shapes and colors.  The Learning Lovey is accented with coordinating ribbons that are sewn shut, so little fingers do not get intertwined in the ribbon loops.  The variety of textured ribbons and fabrics encourage tactile play and help children develop cognitively, socially and emotionally through sensory interaction.  Each Learning Lovey measures 12" by 18" and comes with a non-toxic and BPA-free toy link to clip onto strollers, car seats, or baby carriers.  The top fabric is a durable, micro polyester, paired with a minky plush fleece textured backing.  It's sure to quickly become a favorite for your child!

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