Sunday, November 3, 2019

This Ultimate Slime Kit is a ticket to Slime Heaven!

I received this product from ThanKiu2 for review.  You can purchase this Slime Kit on Amazon for $17.99.

Do your kids spend too much time in front of the TV or computer?  And if you take away their screen time, do they get annoyed and complain that they can’t think of anything to do?  This DIY slime kit is the squishy, stretchy answer that will put miles of smiles on their faces!

Kids need to have FUN!  And this slime kit will get them away from the TV screen and play!  With this slime kit, you don't need glitter glue or activators because it’s all pre-made so your little one can’t fail! 

This slime kit helps kids relieve stress and anxiety.  It can be a really fun way to work in groups, while improving their creative ability and imagination.  So encourage siblings to play together or let your child invite some friends over to play.


-18 pieces of colorful premade clear slime, packed separately to prevent leaks
-6 bags of foam balls (3g) - 1 large mix, 1 small mix, 1 small mixed pastel, 1 blue, 1 white, 1 pink
-6 pcs glitter in separate jars
-4 pack fruit, flower, animal, and dessert slices (250pcs/bag)
-1 bag crystal fish bowl beads (30g)
-2 bags Unicorn confetti - white, silver (3g)
-1 bag Star confetti (10g)
-1 bag Heart confetti (10g)
-1 bag googly eyes (5g), mixed including eyelash
-2 bags sugar paper (3g) - white, purple
-6 pcs large animal molds
-3 slime tools
-3 pc straws for bubble blowing 

Many slime making kits require a child to add glue and activators to mix with the slime.  But it can be hard to get it just right.  And then you use more to try to fix it.  And THEN you run out!  This slime is premade, so there is no glue or activators, and no fails.  Just tons of fun!

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