Sunday, November 3, 2019

Check out this kitchen knife that carves, slices, chops, fillets and cuts!

I received this product from NoBox for review.  If you are looking for great gift ideas, this knife would be a great gift for the chef or outdoorsman (or woman) in your life!  It's perfect for camping, BBQ's or just home cooking.

The NoBox Chef Knife is 8" long and is made with German grade level stainless steel.  Use it with a glass or wood cutting board, it will cut on any surface!  It will maintain its edge longer, meaning it stays sharp longer.  And it's perfect for any back-country chef or traveling cook.  It's great to take with you when you go camping because it will serve all of your cutting needs.  So why drag along multiple knives when one will suffice? 

This multi purpose cheg knife has an easily maintained blade with a balanced ergonomic weighted handle, making it comfortable to hold in your hand and very easy to use.  It will carve, slice, chop, fillet or simply cut your meats and vegetables.  You'll be amazed by the versatility you have with a single knife.  You will wonder how you ever managed without it, as it becomes the main staple piece of cutlery in your collection.

With the quality of this knife, you would expect it to be expensive, especially since it performs with the ease and quality of a $300 knife.  But this life-time quality knife is available at a surprisingly affordable price. You can purchase this amazing chef knife from the NoBox website for the equally amazing price of $100! 


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