Thursday, November 21, 2019

The perfect gift for the quilter or crafter on your gift list!

I received these products from Stilyo for review.  Stilyo offers a variety of amazing products ranging from Bonsai to binder clips, with everything in between.  You're sure to find a gift for everyone on your list when you browse this website.

If you have ever done any sewing or crafting, you know how much of a hassle it can be to cut fabric with traditional scissors.  It's hard to cut it to the desired size.  And it's hard to cut straight lines because the fabric tends to move as you cut it.  With a rotary cutter, you don't have as much trouble in these areas because the material lies flat as you roll the cutter over it to make your cut.  This 28mm Rotary Cutter works great on fabrics, leather, paper, vinyl, etc.  You can retract the blade when you're not using it, to eliminate or lesson the risk of cutting yourself.  It's sharp enough to cut through several layers at once, which means less time spent cutting your pieces.  When the blade gets dull, you can easily replace it with a new one (additional blades sold separately).  With a new blade, your cutter will be as good as new again.  This cutter is ideal for quilters, leather workers, origami and or anyone who uses scissors when crafting.  It is made of plastic with a Tungsten Steel Blade.  Measuring at 5.5" long and 1.58" wide, with a blade diameter of 1.12", it's small enough to fit in your hand comfortably. And the yellow and black color combination makes it easy to see when you are working with multi colored fabrics.  It is also very affordably priced at $14.99.

This flexible Cutting Mat is the perfect companion to the Rotary Cutter.  Because Rotary Cutters are so sharp, you need to have something under the material you are cutting in order to avoid cutting your table top or other surface you are using.  Cutting mats like this one are made for this purpose.  As you can see, it has a grid, lines, angles, curves and circles printed on it.  This is to help you make precise, straight or perfectly curved cuts.  This mat is small, about the same size as a sheet of A4 paper, which makes it perfect for trimming photos.  It is priced at $14.99 as well. 

Any crafter would love to receive these 2 products as a Christmas gift.  I love mine and use them every day.  You can even use them as Stocking Stuffers.  The Rotary Cutter is small enough to fit in a Stocking and the Cutting Mat is flexible enough to be rolled up in order to fit in one.  

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