Wednesday, October 23, 2019

With Clipa you'll always have a place to put your purse!

I received this product from Clipa for review.  You can purchase the Clipa HERE for $15.95.  It is available in hematite, silver or gold with your choice of a polished or matte finish.  It is also now available in polished copper/rose gold as well.

A woman's purse is a convenient way for us to carry a multitude of items that we need in our every day lives.  We put everything in it.  Money, makeup, nail clippers, ink pens, mints and gum.  Anything you can think of that we might need throughout our day, chances are it's in there as long as it's small enough to fit.  But as convenient and necessary as a purse is to us, it can be equally inconvenient.  

We are often left wondering where we can put our purse when we are out and about.  When we go to a restaurant, there is no good place to put it.  Sure, you could hang it on the back of your chair, but that gives a thief easy access to it.  If you are sitting in a booth, you can put it in the seat beside you.  But that takes up space that you need for people to sit if you are with a group.  And think of the bathroom!  Many public bathrooms have a handy little hook that you can hang your purse from, but many of them do not.  I would never want to put my purse on the floor while in a public bathroom (or any bathroom, for that matter).  And it's not so convenient to hold a purse while doing your business.  That's why you need a Clipa.

The Clipa is a lightweight, circular bag hanger that holds bags or backpacks up to 33 lbs.  You can wear it as a bracelet or hook it on your purse so you always have it handy when you need it.  It looks nice and is functional too!  Innovative design works great on bathroom stall doors, walls and sinks as well as restaurant tables, car seat headrests even rails to keep your bag in place.  It will automatically close back into a ring when not in use.


Works in seconds—no set-up! Simply attach it to your bag strap, open either end and hang your purse almost anywhere. Clear, non-slip pads protect surfaces with sturdy gripping power. When finished, just pull the strap and Clipa slides back onto the bag! You can also attach this purse hanger to your bag’s D or O-rings or wear it as a bracelet. This simple, elegant accessory prevents contact with germs, water and dirt, extending the life of your handbag. For single or double strap bags.

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