Tuesday, October 22, 2019


I received these products from Tender Belly for review.  Two brothers in Iowa believe in doing things a better way.  So they started Tender Belly.  For 9 years they have stuck by their belief, and their insanely high standards, while making superior pork products.  They began with bacon, and have now expanded to all cuts of pork.  If it has the name "Tender Belly" on it, then you know it's some of the best tasting pork that money can buy.  They call it "Certified Awesome", and I have to agree with them.  I received some of their bacon, and I can assure you that it is insanely delicious.  You can purchase their products individually, or use their Bacon of the Month Subscription or send a gift subscription.  However you choose to buy, you will receive the tastiest pork ever.

The Signature Blend, Cherrywood Smoked, Dry Rub Uncured Bacon comes in a 12 oz. package.  Tender Belly uses heritage breed hogs.  These Old World pigs are raised without antibiotics, are vegetarian fed and crate free.  Because they take a little longer to grow and mature, they have extra fattiness.  This results in a more tender meat that is more marbled, better flavored and juicier.  They never add water, which means more bacon per pound.  There are no added nitrites or nitrates except for those that occur naturally in celery powder.  It is available HERE for $12.95.

The Signature Dry Cured Maple Bacon Sliced Slab has Tender Belly's signature blend and spice rub applied, then it is dry cured and smoked to perfection over cherrywood.  This gives it the most delicious flavor.  The weight will vary between 4.5 and 5.5 pounds because it begins as a bulk slab.  Tender Belly spares no expense with ingredients, process or time in order to give you the best possible product.  This bacon is much more flavorful than the average store bought bacon.  It will give your dishes such a delicious flavor, and also tastes great on its own.  You can purchase this slab bacon HERE for $49.75.

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