Sunday, September 29, 2019

IF YOU CAN READ THIS, these socks are awesome!

I received these socks from Blacknot Farm for review.  These are the original "IF YOU CAN READ THIS" socks and would be a great gift for anyone on your gift list.  They come with a wide variety of messages, so you're sure to find one that is suitable for anyone.  You can purchase these socks from the Blacknot Farm Etsy page, or from Amazon.

These work socks are warm and comfortable.  They are made of a soft wool blend and have a humorous message on the bottom.  There are many designs, but the pair I have say "IF YOU  CAN READ THIS" on the bottom of one sock and "PLEASE BRING ME A BEER" on the bottom of the other.  These funny socks are a great way to get yourself pampered without having to ask!  Just come home, take your shoes off, sit down on the couch and prop your feet up on the table.  When others in your household read the message, hopefully they will grant the request and bring you a beer!

A few of the other messages on the socks are:  "CHECK FOR A PULSE", "I AM AT THE LAKE", "SHUT UP AND LET ME NAP", "BRING ME A CUP OF TEA" and "PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE".  There are many more and you can see them all on the Blacknot Farm Etsy page.  Check it out!

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