Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Morphimals are squishy, ever changing and lots of fun!

I received these products from ORB Toys for review.

ORB Morphimals are cute, squishy animals that you can twist, mold, pull or squish into different positions or shapes.  They are ever changing as you help them express themselves by squishing them.  You choose the form they take.  You'll be amazed how much fun it is to squish, pull, twist and pose these toys!  

These Morphimals are available in a variety of characters and colors, and you'll want to collect them all.  There are unicorns, sloths, dinosaurs, apes and an odd little guy called Ultra Frankenform.

ORB Morphimals are recommended for ages 8 and over.  They have a suggested retail price of $9.99 each and you can purchase them at Target.  If you like squishy toys, also check out my review on ORB Slimi Cafe

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