Monday, August 12, 2019

You need one of these blankets for your next camping trip or picnic!

I received this product from Coalatree for review.  Coalatree offers a wide range of apparel, hammocks, blankets and accessories.  Their products are popular with people who love spending time outdoors for work or for play. 

The product I received is the Kachula Adventure Blanket.  Described on the Coalatree website as "the Swiss Army Knife of Blankets", the Kachula is very versatile and can be used for all of your outdoor blanket needs.  Whether you are camping, going to a music festival, spending the day at the beach or going on a picnic; this blanket is perfect for every situation.

You can use the blanket to cover up with to keep warm, stuff it into itself to form a pillow to lay your head on or turn it into a rain poncho with the snap attached hood.  The hood can be detached and stored in a secret zippered pocket when it is not needed.  It is water resistant, durable and can easily be packed in a bag for easy carrying.  

Another great thing about this blanket is that you can take several of them and snap them together to make a bigger blanket.  A single Kachula Blanket measures 50" by 72".

You can find the Kachula Adventure Blanket on the Coalatree website HERE.  It is available in several different colors and designs.  The retail price is $79.


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