Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Help your kids manage their time with these Academic Planners!

I received these products from Order Out Of Chaos for review.  These Academic Planners are so helpful and they won the 2019 Family Choice Award!  They are regularly recommended by professional educator and teacher groups and have been featured in major magazines. 

It is so easy for kids to lose track of time, and this can be a big problem when they are faced with homework.  And things like after school activities and doctor appointments are often not taken into consideration when they try to plan their study time.  These Academic Planners can help them.

These planners are set up so that kids can record when assignments are due and tests are scheduled.  There is also space for them record non-school commitments.  This allows them to see when they have blocks of time that is free, so they can manage their time better and complete their assignments on time.  Each planner also comes with a free workbook that is filled with time trackers, homework helpers, project planning guides and much more!

The planners are available with several different cover designs and in two sizes, letter size (8.5" x 11") and personal size (8.25" x 8.5").  Both are available on the Order Out Of Chaos website for $18.99 each.  You will also find other helpful products available there and free video guides and worksheet downloads. 

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