Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Tea Lover's Dream

I received this from Dollar Tea Club for review. 

If you love tea and want to try as many varieties as you possibly can, the Dollar Tea Club subscription service is for you.  The have over 30 tea blends sourced from 5 different countries for you to choose from.  And they are always adding new blends.  

They never add artificial flavor to their blends.  All of the flavor comes naturally, either from the ingredients (such as fruit pieces) or natural added flavor.  This means that the tea will have a delicious, natural flavor.  

You can choose to purchase tea directly from their website without subscribing, or you can join the subscription service.  The subscription service has three different plans.  If you choose The Explorer, you will get the monthly samples of 3 new blends every month.  You will get enough of these blends to make 2-3 cups of tea with each one.  All for $1.00! And you can add 3 HoneyStix for $1.95.


Choose The Sensei and each month you will get one 50 g pouch (will make 20-25 cups), the three monthly samples (will make 6-8 cups) three HoneyStix and 10 tea filters and a free infuser (with your first order only).  All pouches are conveniently resealable.  That's enough tea to have one cup per day for $12.70 per month!  If you would like two cups per day, just pay $8.00 per month more!

With The Sommelier, you can choose from 3 choices of how many cups per day you would like and they will send tea blends accordingly.  You will get a perfect amount of tea and the three monthly samples.  You will also get tea filters with your first order only and a free infuser with your first order only.  If you only want a couple of cups per week, you will pay $9.00 per month.  If you want one cup per day, it's $17.00 per month.  And for $25.00 per month, you will get enough tea to make three cups per day.

They also offer gift subscriptions that are perfect for teacher gifts, or just something for the tea lover among your family and friends.  Just choose how much tea you want them to receive and how long you want them to receive it. 

The really great thing about this subscription service is the freedom it gives you.  There is no contract to sign, you can cancel it any time you want to (IF you want to!).  You can also change it whenever you want.  If you decide you want more or less tea one month, just let them know.  Absolutely love one of the blends and want more?  Let them know.  If you find one that you don't particularly care for, let them know not to send you that kind again.  

With so many delivious blends to choose from, the freedom you are given in the subscriptions and such affordable pricing;  this is a tea lover's dream!  

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