Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Keebos iPhone Necklace: A Durable and Versatile Phone Holder That Leaves Your Hands Free

I received this product from Keebos for review.  It is currently available only for iPhones.  You can purchase it on their website for the suggested retail price of $35.00 each.  They are perfect for summer walks, camping trips, a day at the beach, traveling and for teens as they prepare to go back to school.  Keebos is ideal for any situation where you would like to take your phone along with you, but need to keep your hands free.

I was very excited to receive the Keebos. The variety of ways to wear this item makes it the most durable and versatile phone holder I have ever owned. The Keebos charm that is attached also gives it a “designer” appearance.

The case itself is clear and very durable. The cords are long and thick, capped off stylishly. They come in a variety of colors and patterns. Adjusting the length of how you want to wear it reminds me of a bolo tie, excellent quality and stylish. My preferred way to wear it is cross-body. 

My fiance and I take nightly walks and the Keebos allows me to keep a hand free and one to carry a bottle of water. When my phone rings I just lift it up since it hangs upside down. I don't have to worry about it falling out of a pocket or accidentally dropping it. The Keebos really gives a sense of security for my cell phone.

On the weekends I do photography as a hobby and while I have my equipment in front of me I wear my Keebos across my back. I know my phone is safe!

The card holder on the Keebos is another bonus because whether my phone is hanging upside down or upright in my hands my credit cards are completely safe. They are completely secured on the top and the bottom preventing anything from falling out, plus no one can see what is in there! 

I love that shipping of Keebos is free in the US and in most cases orders can ship out same day. Customer service is also readily available online or via email. I have received many compliments on my Keebos.... my Android friends are so jealous!

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