Thursday, June 6, 2019

Protect your laptop with this Air Sleeve From Scrubba

I received this product from Scrubba to review.

Do you take your laptop along with you when you travel?  Maybe take it on the family camping trip to keep yourself occupied?  Or do you leave it behind because you are worried it will get damaged?  Well, fear no more!  This inflatable air sleeve from Scrubba will keep your laptop safe and protected.  It will even protect it against water damage.

Just slip your laptop inside the air sleeve and zip it up.  Use the air valve to auto inflate it.  You can also blow a few breaths of air into it if you want a little extra protection.  This air sleeve allows you to completely surround your laptop with a cushion of air to keep it protected.  

The Scrubba Air Sleeve is available in two different colors (blue and gray) and several different sizes.  Choose one to fit your tablet or your laptop.  You can purchase a Scrubba Air Sleeve starting at $49.95 on the Scrubba website HERE.  But one today and never worry about your tablet or laptop getting damaged again! 

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