Saturday, June 1, 2019

Here's a Father's Day gift idea: Snacks for the Dad on the go!

I received these products from Bixby & Co. for review.  All of their products are made in Maine with real food products.

As you can see, everything that I received was packaged nicely and was suitable for immediate gift giving.

This Sweet & Smoky BBQ Spice Rub is absolutely delicious on burgers and ribs.  You can even use it to make your own BBQ sauce.  It is made with Bixby's single origin, direct trade and organic Cacao Nibs.  Just sprinkle a little on you burgers or ribs when you put them on the grill.  You can purchase this spice rub for $6 HERE.

I also received these Bixby Snack Bars.  These delicious snack bars are made with non GMO chocolate and organics nuts.  Most of them also contain an organic dried fruit as well.  They have less sugar than a traditional candy bar and are perfect to slip in a pocket or bag to take along with you for a snack on the go.  A 6 pack is $12.00 and a 12 pack is $24.00.  You can find them HERE.

This is Bixby's Coffee Brandy Bon Bons and they are to die for!  They are so amazingly good!  They are molded in Bixby & Co. bean to bar chocolate and have a wonderfully delicious brandy flavored filling.  You get 6 bon bons in the pack.  You really should buy more than one pack because you're going to want more!  You can purchase them HERE for $16.00.

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