Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Give Dad these handy items for Father's Day!

I received these two products from Wiseco, Inc for review.  If your Dad loves to cook on the grill, these items would be great Father's Day gifts!

The WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip is an awesome grilling tool.  It makes grilling safer, cleaner and easier.  It's 18" long and it is so versatile!  It combines several tools into one.  Use it as a grate cleaning tool, grate removal tool, tong, fork, spatula and more.  

The WiseHooker Clean-n-Flip uses a unique design to clean the grate on most types of grills.  It surrounds and cleans the top, side and underside of the grate to clean it better than ever.  It's safer than a wire brush because it won't gum up, splatter you or wear out.  There are no wire brush bristles to break off and potentially find their way into your food.  After cleaning, all you have to do is wipe with a paper towel.

Use it to quickly and easily lift and turn you food.  Perfect for meats and vegetables.  It won't damage your food like most tools do.  And because of the length, you don't have to get as close to the heat so there is less danger of you getting burned.  

It includes an attached card with the recipes for two different BBQ sauces.  Great for camping and back yard BBQ's alike.  It won't rust or corrode because it is made from surgical grade stainless steel with a hardwood handle.  It is proudly made in the USA and comes with a limited lifetime warranty on manufacturing defects and workmanship.  

You can purchase it on the Wiseco website for $19.95.

The WiseLifter Hook-n-Lift is the perfect tool to lift turkeys, chickens and other fowl for the grill, smoker or roaster.  Transporting the bird to a serving platter is so easy!  The WiseLifter is sturdy enough to left a bird that weighs up to 30 pounds.  The pointed tip embeds in the breast bone of the bird, making it easy to securely lift and transport it to the serving platter.  It also works great on large cuts of meat such as hams, beef roasts and pork roasts.  It is compact enough to fit into a kitchen drawer and is made of surgical grade stainless steel.  It has an Ash hardwood handle and a stainless steel hanging chain.  It comes with a limited lifetime warranty and is available for purchase on the Wiseco website for $14.95.          

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